“As the Managing Editor of Sunshine Review, Kristin displayed outstanding skill in managing a team of freelance writers while editing a wiki site. Kristin helped launch Sunshine Review in 2008. Never complacent with the status quo, Kristin continuously pushed innovation. Kristin was a driving force in developing of the 10-point Transparency Checklist, Sunny Awards, Transparency Report Card and a weekly Twitter chat about public records. She is ambitious and hard working, taking ownership of her projects with an eye toward constant improvement.”

– Michael Barnhart, Former President of Sunshine Review, April 2013

“Kristin is not only passionate about government transparency and her dedication to the mission of Sunshine Review is infectious to those who work with her. As managing editor Kristin keeps us on track to reaching our goals in various projects, while at the same time ensuring the thousands of pages of transparency grades remain of the highest quality. Kristin juggles a number of responsibilities, including new media, writing, project management and managing freelance writers, without letting anything hit the ground. I have worked with Kristin for two years and she is capable of providing a guiding hand when called for, or free reign when earned. She is an excellent asset to Sunshine Review and to her colleagues.”

-Alex Keown, Researcher/Reporter, Feb. 2013

“Kristin has all of the qualities of a good manager. She is a leader respected by all team members and a great communicator who excels at keeping everyone updated and is quick to respond to problems or questions. It’s comforting to know that your emails will be answered in a timely manner. She is adept at providing direction, especially when starting new projects and flexible when working with employees to accommodate for scheduling conflicts, while still making sure the work is done on time.”

-Kevin Schmidt, Associate Writer at Sunshine Review, Feb. 2013

“Kristin is dedicated to the task at hand. She is well-versed in new media, and when she has a gap in her knowledge or a question, she knows exactly where to look and who to ask. I’ve worked in an office environment with Kristin, but now we work from a virtual office environment. While she has always managed several freelance writers remotely, I now have experienced that first-hand. She keeps me on track and provides useful suggestions for how to make my day more productive.”

-Diana Lopez, Senior Editor at Sunshine Review, direct report, Jan. 2010

“In working with Kristin on our social media marketing campaigns, I am consistently amazed at her level of insight into marketing strategy, creative ad design, and cost effectiveness. She is not only brilliant at what she does–she is also highly professional, intensely focused on achieving client goals, and always willing to offer additional help and advice. Apart from that, Kristin’s personality and sense of humor make her a blast to work with.”

-Anja Hartleb, Vice President of Intellectual Takeout, August 2012

“Kristin is a very creative and highly effective social media consultant who is easy to work with, reliable and has an excellent understanding of her field.”

-Dwight Tostenson, CEO of Intellectual Takeout, Feb. 2013

“I had the pleasure of working in the same office as Kristin during our time at Sam and she never failed to impress. She has the ability to work in a fast-paced, unstructured environment and deliver results. Kristin is an outstanding project manager who knows how to take a project to the next level.”

-Michael Tams, Project Manager at Sam Adams Alliance, Jan. 2010

“Kristin is an extremely hard-working individual who built the Sam Adams Alliance’s Sunshine Review wiki project up from the ground, and is responsible for its great success in documenting government transparency. She is committed to getting her work finished in a timely fashion, and has sought opportunities to expand her portfolio in ways that create value. I have been impressed by her efforts to instruct others in wiki technology using online tools, and her clear speaking in media coverage on Sunshine Review. I give her my highest recommendation.”

-Richard Lorenc, Communications Manager and Web Editor at The Sam Adams Alliance, Oct. 2009

“I began working with Kristin at Sam Adams Alliance about 4 years ago. She impressed me as an intern with her strong work ethic and willingness to do what was required to get the job done. She was hired as a full time employee as soon as her internship ended. Through the years we worked together, I knew that I could always count on Kristin to lend a hand to whatever project I was working on. She also quickly rose up the ranks at SAA and eventually took on her own projects. She now has a leadership role in new media at which she excels. Kristin would be a welcome addition to any team. She is dependable, loyal, hard-working, fun to work with and versatile. I very much enjoyed working with her.”

-Jodi Bridges Marmion , Director of Events and Personnel at Sam Adams Alliance, Dec. 2009