I'm Kristin McMurray
Bookworm, world traveler, and loves to dabble in new hobbies. I'm inquisitive by nature, and hope to never outgrow the title of "student."

An excellent asset...

Kristin juggles a number of responsibilities, including new media, writing, project management and managing freelance writers, without letting anything hit the ground. I have worked with Kristin for two years and she is capable of providing a guiding hand when called for, or free reign when earned.
~ Alex Keown, Associate Writer at Sunshine Review

About me

I am fascinated by the patterns of communication, those touchstones that take interactions from necessary to enjoyable, and am lucky enough to have turned this passion into an award winning career. My background includes social media strategy, web analytics and digital project management.

I’d love to connect and discuss communication strategy and a measurement model for your brand. After all great connections are what this life is about, and it starts with a simple “hello.”

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